The Coffee With Jeff Podcast

Here is a history podcast that discusses such subject such as, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Story of the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots, The Baron of Arizona, On the Origin of the Piltdown Man and  The Strange Tale of Gene Tierney. This week Jeff talked about Television Game Show Scandals.

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How to Make a Podcast

This buzzsprout has a page on how to create a podcast. If you are thinking about starting one, I would advice you to check it out.



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Consider This: Too Hard To Swallow

Go a request for this podcast. Here is what the email said!

“enclosed iz 2 40 min. episodes. i think we reached the true radio show on #2…in response, i’ve been asked to go phuk myself b4.
Honesty is kool. cheers, dd”

I always worry when I receive an email such as this, I mean, if you can’t even craft a decent email, what chance does you podcast have? Anyway, the actual podcast is well done! For adults only.  Here is what the podcast is about, according ot there website…

“One man’s journey to the darkest corners of food, beverage, music and it’s outlandish inherent social interactions. All of this viewed through the bloodshot eyes, bitter taste and ringing ears of a disgruntled 40 year restauranteur.”

The show is well recorded, well produced, done with comedy and characters.  Give it a listen.

Too Hot To Handle PodcastToo Hot To Handle Podcast – Click Here!

THe Heaven’s Gate Cult

A strange story of 39 people who took their own lives in order to be taken away on a UFO to be transported to the next level! A true, and sad, story!

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DownrightBrewed Episode 24

Here is a podcast recommended by a reader named Robert. Here is what Robert said

I saw your ad looking for new podcasts. I’m not sure how new this podcast is but I was looking for something to listen to in the wake of the whole Budweiser / Craft Super Bowl commercial thing and I came across one called “Downright Brewed”. I loved it. So I listened to a few more of their episodes. They have like 20 of them or so. This might be my new favorite podcast. These guys love craft beer, but they’re not afraid to go off topic and run with something funny. They speak their mind and don’t really care about posturing for anyone. I feel like their discussions are just like ones that I have with my buddies. Check them out. They’re on iTunes. I also got their website it’s just

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Half-Pints, Whole-Notes #2: Sour Beer and Warm Electronica

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The Coffee With Jeff Podcast

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Looking for Fantasic Podcasts

You know, we here at The Podcast Place just don’t have enough time to listen to all the great shows out there. Do us a favor, and let us know about the podcasts that you think are worthy of mentioning on the blog. Not only would you make the folks at The Podcast Place happy, but also you might just help spread the word about a show that needs an audience.

Email us today at


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Another GREAT podcast!

I know, you have a problem with Gilbert Gottfried’s way of talking. Well, I don’t and I love his podcast, Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast! Gilbert does a fantastic job of conducting interviews. He has had some great stars lately, such as Roger Corman, Bela Lugosi Jr., Sara Karloff, Barbara Feldon, Adam West, and soooo many more. The thing that makes these show so wonderful is you can tell that Gilbert is a huge fan of the people he is talking to and he asks about the rumors that we have all heard and always wondered f they are true or not.

Trust me on this, if you love to hear interviews with celebrities, listen to Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast!

Consider This: 7 Days a Geek

Geeks from different backgrounds and interests, come together with their own brand of humor to discuss movies, comic books, writing, hot rods, T.V., podcasting, pop culture and life in general! What makes you geek out?

This comedy podcast is available both on iTunes and Sound cloud. Click on the link below to be taken to the Website!

7 Days A Geek

Consider leaving a review in the comment section to let other know what you think of 7 Days A Geek!