Kevin Smith: Podcasting saved my career

Here is an interesting CNN article in which the writer/director of such films as Clerks and Dogma talks about his new passion, podcasting.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith: Podcasting saved my career

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It Came From Japan

logoIt Came From Japan is a free monthly podcast recorded in Tokyo. We play the freshest new Japanese music, all fully licensed, with interviews, chat, prize giveaways and special reports on Japan’s music scene.

The podcast is presented by Tokyo-based journalist Daniel Robson (that’s me) – and now also by Asuka Eiki, who joins us from episode #020 (24 Jan 2013). It is sponsored in the UK by Manga Entertainment and Neo magazine; Neo also runs a monthly spread featuring bits of that month’s podcast interview and breakdowns of some of the songs.

EDITORS NOTE: THis sounds like an interesting podcast. I have not listened to it yet but I plan on it soon.  I’ll let you know what I think soon.

Download from iTunes:

Playlist, band links and stream:

Twitter: @ItCameFromJapan

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Psycomedia Podcast

Psycomedia is a comedy podcast dedicated to the funny side of psychological research. Hosts Timothy Swann and Ben Fell take a look at the crazy stuff that psychologists get up to when grappling with the mysteries of the human mind. Their quest takes them via silly jokes and clever studies, academic battles and remarkable findings to try and get their heads and hopefully yours around the science of brain and behaviour. But why take our word for its quality? Have some praise for Psycomedia from its listeners:

‘one of the most consistently intelligent, egotistical, pretty and of course, hilarious things out here on the internet’

‘Best psychology-based comedy podcast on the web’

‘consistently entertaining banter’

’solid informational tidbits focused through the crisp wit of Timothy Swann and Ben Fell.’


Psycomedia Episode 38 – Do Women Smell Better? Yes.

Visit The Psycomedia Website

This post was written by the owners of the above podcast as the ideas and opinions are not necessarily those of The Podcast Place. Please feel free to listen to this podcast and leave a review under the comment section.

GeekScholars Movie News Podcast

GeekScholars Movie News is a weekly podcast highlighting film headlines, previews and reviews. Conceived by a former Washington, D.C. film critic, the GeekScholars crew are four film pundits, all of whom hold advanced graduate or terminal degrees in a variety of academic disciplines including the arts, business, education, economics, engineering, and medicine. Drawing upon their personal, professional, and academic experiences, the GeekScholars are here to deliver to you well-researched and well-informed analysis, debate and banter about all things movie-related.

GeekScholars Movie News Podcast

GeekScholars Movie News 042

Visit The GeekScholars Movie News Website

This post was written by the owners of the above podcast as the ideas and opinions are not necessarily those of The Podcast Place. Please feel free to listen to this podcast and leave a review under the comment section.

Free Audio Editor

If you are looking for a way to start a podcast and would like to doit for as little cash as possible, you may want to look into Audacity, Audacity is a free sound editing program that I’ve been using for years.

Audacity is  developed by a group of volunteers and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Audacity is a free, easy-to-use recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can use Audacity to:

  • Record live audio.
  • Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
  • Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files.
  • Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together.
  • Change the speed or pitch of a recording.
  • And more! See the complete list of features.
  • Audacity: Free Sound Editor and Recording SoftwareAudacity: Free Audio Editor

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    The Best Way to Listen to Podcasts

    I was wondering how you folks listen to your podcasts these days.

    I still listen the old fashion way. I down load them to iTunes and sync them up to my ipod. I also have iTunes on my computer at work, and there I just listen to them straight from the computer.

    I hear these days there is all types of ways to stream them and such. It is time for you to educate an old guy. PLease comment.

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    I Am Not A Rapper Presents: #PodcastWednesdays is more than your average podcast. It consists of 5 diverse individuals & random special guests who cover current events with topical humor, discuss social issues with vigor, go on seemingly never ending tangents & leave you wanting more every week. Click to see what all the hype is all about…


    #PodcastWednesdays Presents: I Am Not A Mixtape Vol. 1

    Visit the The Podcast Wednesdays Website

    This post was written by the owners of the above podcast as the ideas and opinions are not necessarily those of The Podcast Place. Please feel free to listen to this podcast and leave a review under the comment section.

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    Want a Review of Your Podcast?

    Do you want the world famous Podcast Place to review your ground breaking podcast? We’ve got a few problems. The first problem is we don’t have the time. (By “we”, I mean “I”). Am I a hard worker with just too many projects going on right now, or just damn lazy! Well to be honest, Probably a little of both.

    Another problem I have is I hate to be cruel when I write a review. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of bad shows out there. But if someone takes the time to product and publish a podcast on a regular bases, I really find if difficult spit on your work. And have you ever tried to listen to a bunch of bad shows?

    But we can still help you with your show. You right the review and we will post it.

    We will also encourage others post comments on your shows, and maybe the faceless Internet community can do the reviewing.

    So send me your review of you podcast, links and all the good stuff. Oh, and also let me know if I can link to an episode.

    Send a review of your show to
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    The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge

    As a few of you might know, I am a skeptic. It is not that I don’t believe in things like aliens, ghosts, mind powers and all the rest, it is just that I need some very solid evidence before I consider such things.

    To add to my rotation of regularly listened to podcast’s in The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge.  Hosted by Dumbass (yes, that is what he calls himself), the podcast usually focuses on areas that deserve a critical look and with a wonderful sense of humor. He also reads email and comments and responded to each one. Many time he ends up explaining to the writer on how he or she has completely missed the point of what they are complaining about. I must say, Dumbass is much more polite than I could never be.

    The shows, and there are only 12 of them so far, vary in length, from 25 minutes to over an hour. The sound quality is very good and he seems to be experimenting with sound effects and music. I suppose the only criticism I can offer is that there are times I thing the show could use a co-host. Maybe that is just me because I am use to the interplay between hosts.

    I like the show, but I love science and skeptic podcasts. If you are the same, give it a listen, if for anything, to hear the weird comments he gets from true believers who refuse to accept the truth.

    The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge Website

    The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema

    When I first listened to The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema, or the GGTMC as it is referred to, I was impressed. The hosts, Big Willy and The Samurai, separate themselves from an Internet filled with movie review podcasts mainly by their great knowledge of film and filmmakers. It is hard for me to explain the type of films that The GGTMC review but their website says

    “The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema is a podcast discussing all films genre related; we cover everything from horror to Wuxia, samurai films to art house films, women in prison films to blaxploitation, direct to video 80’s action films to spaghetti westerns, Kung-Fu to Polizia films and everything in between.. Join Big Willy and The Samurai as they bring class to the trash…”

    For a while I really enjoyed the show but as time went on…

    The lack of professionalism on the show began to get to me. I understand that a laid back, carefree feel to a podcast can be used to great effect but I’ve heard them eating dinner while doing the show, dealing with kids, getting pizza and more. Seriously, one of them actually went out to pick up a pizza for his family while he was doing the show. Come on now, you are doing a show and I personally don’t want to hear you eat dinner as you talk.

    Look, I understand you have families and it may be hard to get time to yourself but you also have to respect your audience. I feel these two would be a lot better off to find a time when they will not be interrupted and if they are, do some editing. If you have a family emergency, stop the recording and begin again when you have time to concentrate on the show. If you need to eat, do it before, or after or pause the show until you get done!

    Anyway, if you are a hardcore film fan who loves trashy cinema and you don’t find two guys who eat and deal with their families while doing the show annoying, this might be the show for you. For me, I gave it up after the feeling disrespected once to often by Big Willy and The Samurai’s casual recording style.