Today’s Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

As my list of worthwhile podcasts grow, so does my amount of podcast I recommend. Today, a big five with listening to.

State of Mynd #15

Garage Punk - February 5, 2009

Host: Nick- -This episode features all the good tunes that have been swimming in Nick’s head lately. You’ll hear the likes of Q 65, New Colony Six, The Attack, Tomorrow, The Birds, We the People, The Sorrows, and many more! Enjoy, let your mind trip, and send in your song requests for an upcoming “All Requests” episode


BUTR #32

Bands Under the Radar - February 5, 2009

Host: Kami Knake – Kami brings you 35 songs in this 2 hour podcast. BUTR has always been one of my favorates!


Basic Brewing Radio- Container Hops Revisited

Basic Brewing - February 5, 2009

Host: James Spencer - Don’t have space to plant hops? Don’t be too sure. Chris Colby, editor of Brew Your Own magazine brings us up to date on his efforts to grow hops in containers.


MBR Episode 16

Movie Brain Rot - February 5, 2009

Host: Jim DeSantis - MOVIE BRAIN ROT EPISODE 18 attacks Christian Bale and his anger management issues. We also find out who the new director of the “Thing,” prequel is. Along the way, we talk about the blackploitation film starring an all-football cast in “The Black Six.”


Net@night #85 Akoha

twit.tvFebruary 5, 2009

Hosts: Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte

Guest: Independent, Web 2.0-savvy musician Geoff Smith