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Beer School Podcast!

So today I thought I’d look for a podcast that seemed near and dear to my heart. I thought I’d look for a podcast on beer. My first criteria in deciding to listen to a podcast is if they’ve had a new episode within the last month. The first podcast looked at was The Beer [...]

Photoshop Users TV Podcast Review

The Photoshop Users TV is a video podcast for the geeky Photoshop user and it is one of the best. I can say that will complete sincerity because I am a Photoshop user and have been learning from this podcast for years.
Hosted by Dave Cross, Matt Klowskowski, Scott Kelby, this is not the cheap, sitting [...]

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Audio Archives A-G are Back

All those great sound clips from classic commercials and film radio spots from A through G are now on-line and available for download. Click on the Sound Files on the top right! Enjoy!
I’ll probably be putting more up in the next few week!

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Mondo Movie Podcast Review

Movie reviews and discussion with UK based movie critics Ben Howard and Dan Auty – Taking in Cult Movies, World Cinema, Horror, Exploitation and other genre treats on DVD and in Theatres. – iTunes Description
I’ve spent a long time looking for a good movie podcast that goes beyond the normal Hollywood Blockbusters. I must say [...]

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Garage Punk Podcast Review

The GaragePunk Podcast is a network of home-made, low-budget “radio show”-style programs that focus on wild and obscure garage rock, proto punk, surf, R&B, broken blues, powerpop, punk rock, new wave/no wave, noise, and trashy, primitive rock’n’roll from the past, present, and future. (from the Garage Punk website)

So far in my search for great podcasts, [...]

New Tiki Bar TV & DVD

One on the best video podcast, Tiki Bar TV has their 41st episode – Jump The Shark! If you’ve never watched Tiki Bar, it is a lot of fun and each episode is under ten minutes and contains a tropical drink recipe. It probably would get a PG rating for the occational use of language, [...]

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10 Steps to Better Podcasting

I am becoming a podcast junkie. I listen to podcast’s at work and in the car. One can find many wonderful, well-produced, professionally executed programs to listen to at their convenience. Unfortunately, good podcasts are the exception, not the rule. Here are a few rules podcasters should think about before putting lips to microphone.
Rule 1: [...]

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