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3 Plus 1 Steps to a Successful Podcast

By Hendry Lee


Podcasts open up opportunities for marketers and content publishers in unique ways that has never been available before. They are suitable to support existing business or as an independent content distribution channel.
Marketers can use podcasts to disseminate different type of content to promote their business. Content publishers use podcasts to become a [...]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Halloween

I wasn’t going to add anymore movie podcasts to my list but than I discovered this one. It’s called Double Feature. Hosted by two men, Eric and Michael, they usually take on two films per show, with a unique perspective. Unlike most podcasts that stick to one type of film or another, these two tackle [...]

Conspiracy Theories & Urban Legends

There is so much pseudoscience out in the world, bad facts and figures, it makes it hard to know what’s real. Scam artist use these things  to sell magic jewelry and free energy solutions, others make money selling books or movies with much things as the Amityville Horror and people actually put their own heath [...]

Blood Island Vacation on B-movie Cast

For those that like a good (or bad) B-movie, especially ones about made in the Philippines with blood in the titles, the B-Movie Cast has a podcast for you. Vince Rotolo and his friend Nic Brown from B Movie Man talk about four films in this series, Brides of Blood, Mad Doctor of Blood Island, [...]

What is a Podcast RSS Feed?

You’ve been working for a while and created a nice podcast in Mp3 format and maybe posted it on you website. The next step it make it available for subscription on itunes and maybe Podcast Alley. You quickly find you can not just send them your Mp3 file. Nope. Apple does not host any of [...]

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Dread Media on “Let the Right One In”

In another massive episode of Dread Media, Desmond Reddick has a little help from his friends and family. Momma and Papa Dread join him for some light conversation before Darryll sits down with Des to review Let the Right One In. And, she is woman, hear her adore! Megan stops by to have a slightly [...]

Audio from The Day the Sky Exploded

Here are some sounds clips from the Classic 1961 Film, The Day the Sky Exploded. This is a public domain film, so feel free to use these clips on you audio podcast. Every Tuesday we will attempt to add more for you enjoyment

Theme from The Day the Sky Exploded
The Reporter from The Day the [...]

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Coffin Joe’s Embodiment Of Evil and More Mondo

On this week’s show we see take a look at all the movies we watched at Frightfest’s one-day Spring event, including Coffin Joe’s Embodiment Of Evil, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Not Quite Hollywood and Lesbian Vampire Killers. Plus a chat with the creators of Repo!
Mondo Movie Show #86 – The Wizards Of Oz – 03-19-2009 [...]

net@night – The Twitchhiker

The return of Amber, Twitter’s growth, Facebook’s new design, The Twitchhiker, SXSW, and more.

Live from Canada, California, and around the world…
What’s happening on the ‘net right now? Amber MacArthur spends every waking moment combing the net for cool sites, viral videos, and funny and moving moments online and she shares them with us [...]

Basic Brewing Radio – Mash and Lauter Efficiency

If you are a home beer brewing, you should be listening to Basic Brewing Radio. Go to the BAsic Brewing Radio site and not only will you find 5 years olf shows to listen to, but everything you need to know about home brewing.
Home brewer Kai Troester explains how to analyze all grain efficiency going [...]

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