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Dan Persons & the Mighty Movie Podcast

Yesterday I received the first request The Podcast Place has ever had for a review. It was by a fellow named Dan Persons who left his request in the comments of the “about” section of The Podcast Place blog. He began with the sentence, “Having read your review criteria, I’m suitably cautious about reaching out [...]

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Japanese Rock and Roll with Mushi Mushi

Garage Punk, the best place to hear great Rock and Roll introduced a fantastic new podcast to their collection, Mushi Mushi. Hosted by Miss Snow Konnichiwa, you can hear the sounds from the East (well, Japan, that is). Naturally, they’ll be playin’ some’s, Supersnazz, Jackie and the Cedrics, the MAD3 and all of your [...]

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Photoshop – Rock and Roll and CSO

Three podcast’s for today.
First , the Photoshop Guys are back with another video podcast. Scott, Dave, and Matt were taping this episode live from the Photoshop World Expo Hall floor.
Next, for those who like a good ROCK N” ROLL podcast, Garage Punk premiers, The House of Wild Delights #1 with host The Screamin’ Soul Preacher!!! [...]

Rock and Roll and Horror Podcasts

A couple great move podcast were available today. Vince Rotolo and his friend Nic Brown talk about “The Man From Planet X” from 1951 on the B-Movie Podcast, while Desmond Reddick, from Dread Media interviews the legendary horror comic book artist Gene Colan and reviews the 1932 classic “Frankenstein”
From Garage Punk, Mel Thursday’s Florida Rocks [...]

Who Picks the Podcasts?

I received an email the other day by a regular visitor of The Podcast Place, who asked my how I decide what podcasts I feature on this site.
I tend to comment on those podcast that interest me. Does that sound a little unfair? It is! Here is the thing, however, I don’t have time to [...]

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Time to Eat and Drink

Glad to see some of my favorite podcasts back with new episodes.
First, for the first time in over a year, it is Bitchin’ Kitchen Cooking Show. I have a admit that I am a little disappointed to learn that the show, hosted by Nadia , was sold to the Food Nextwork. Still, you can’t blame [...]