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A Review of The Night Barbers

Request from Skeets of The Night Barbers podcast.
5 idiots from Jersey and their crude humor discussing “Strange but True” news stories, and whatever comes to their tiny little minds. Shows are usually under an hour once a week. (Every Friday)
Explicit content for swearing and occasional discussions involving sexual content.
We are 5 guys who used [...]

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Anne is a Man! – Podcast Reviews

If you enjoy my shallow reviews of the podcasts I find entertaining, you might want to try Anne is a Man. The man called Anne reviews many podcasts that you won’t find on this site and his writing is very good. Like me, he is a fan of podcasts and also like me, does not [...]

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The Chronic Rift Podcast

Request from The Chronic Rift’s John S. Drew.
I’d like to bring my podcast to your attention. It’s called The Chronic Rift, a podcast on pop culture that focuses on science fiction and fantasy. We do three types of episodes a month – a round table discussion on a variety of topics featuring a [...]

Masters of None – Comedy Podcast Review

A review request from Jay of Masters of None.
Just found your site linked off of Edgy Podcast Reviews, who just reviewed us. Looks great, will be checking it out further for sure. Anyway, we would love it if you felt like reviewing our show sometime. Cheers, Jay.
This is a podcast called The Master’s [...]

Max Buffer’s Media Museum Review

Another Podcast Review Request! This time from Terry Bland of Max Buffer’s Media Museum.
If you have time I’d be grateful if you could have a listen to our podcast and let us know what you think. The show is Max Buffer’s Media Museum. It’s based on the recollections and recommendations of two moderately successful, but [...]

A DYI Podcast Review

Another Podcast Review Request! It was sent by Handyguy Brian.
The Handyguys are two avid DIYers sharing their experiences working around the house. Our podcasts feature answers to listener questions, head-to-head tool tests, expert interviews, and other DIY and home improvement topics. Listeners can ask The Handyguys questions regarding their home using the contact tab on [...]

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Classic Apple Computer Podcast

First, let me apologize for being away for over two weeks. Spend the last few weeks on vacation in Yellowstone. The wife and I had a wonderful vacation, thanks for asking.
Anyway, I stumbled across this podcast, The Retro Mac Cast.
This is another one that instantly appealed to me, as I’ve been a collector and user [...]