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A Weather Podcast

Do you obsess about the weather? Are you one of those people who watch the Weather Channel constantly? Have I got a podcast for you!
The Weather Insiders is a podcast is just what it says it is. The shows vary in length from 5 to 20 minutes and are on a variety of subjects, such [...]

What is Podcasting? – Ask a Ninja

Ok, this is more of a joke but it is worth a laugh or two.

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Fantasy Football – My Secret!

Yep, not only am I a podcast reviewer, but I am also a fantasy football guy. To those of you that don’t play this game, you will not understand. Why do I play a game like fantasy football? If you ever meet me, you will know. I’m not built for playing the game and at [...]

Kitchen Sink – The Drive-In

My buddy, Christopher from The Kitchen Sink has posted his latest podcast. This episode is called The Drive-In. Christopher does a wonderful job of presenting great music.
The Kitchen Sink embraces the return of Autumn with an exploitation-filled episode celebrating the raunch, the gore, the violence, the occult and hilarity of drive-in movies past.
The Dickies, The [...]

Podcasting in Plain English

Do you think there are still a few people out there who have not heard of Podcasting, or don’t understand it?  They are out there! I have a few friends who still don;t understand that Podcasting in the future. So, for those people, I am posting this link to a YouTube video I can across.

Angry & Cliff

Request from Cliff of the Angry and Cliff podcast.
Hi Jeremy,
I’d be really greatful if you reviewed our podcast, called Angry and Cliff. Me and Angry are two English guys who run this comedy podcast.
There were a few problems with this request. First, this was posted in the comment section of the “About Us” section on [...]

Looking for U.K. Podcast Reviewers!

Are you one of the people who obsessively listen to podcasts? Are you across the pod in merry old England? Would you like to review podcasts for The Podcast Place? What’s in it for you, you ask? Nothing but the joy in knowing you’ve helped dozens of others find this independent form of expression. [...]

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The Something Live Podcast Review

Request from P.J. Shapiro of The Something Live podcast.
Hi. I recently found The Podcast Place, and I wanted to submit my show, called Something Live, for your consideration. The show is centered around live musical performances recorded at The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge Massachusetts, and interviews with various guest artists. The music is mostly folk, [...]

Dogear Nation Podcast Review

Request from Andy Piper of the Dogear Nation podcast.
I wondered if you would be interested in reviewing our podcast, Dogear Nation. We’re a weekly technology podcast that takes sites submitted from listeners via then rounds up the latest news and trends.
You’ll find us in iTunes (although right now, the store is only listing up [...]