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Satan & the Lord Show Review

This is a movie review podcast hosted by, well, Satan and The Lord. Actually, they are two electronically altered voices, both, I believe, by creator Derrick Shadowens.
I listened to his most recent two show and I thought they were very good. His review were nicely done and well thought out. I really liked the [...]

Sock Monkey Sound Podcast

I’ve got to love any podcast that promotes new, independent music, and since this podcast if from the same town that brought us Cheap Trick, how could I have anything bad to say. Hosted by Brandon Lutmer, Chip Copeland, and Pat Delehanty, this show features new, local music from the Rockford area.
Actually, I do have [...]

Podcast Promotion

You put a lot of work into your latest and greatest podcast but what’s the point if no one knows? How can you get the word out about you newest episode?
Try using us, The podcast Place.
Just send us a short press release explaining your most recent episode and every Friday, The Podcast Place will include [...]

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theicepodcast Review

I receive a podcast review request Chris Crookall. He in one of three host of a show from England called theicepodcast.
Theicepodcast (and yes, they do spell it as one word), uses the format that is being used by a lot of podcasts these days, in which the host voice their opinion of current News and [...]

Audio Recording Videos

FeedForAll, The compnay who makes podcasting software, has a large series of video tutorials on how to record audio podcast. Go tot he following link to check this out!
Audio Recording Videos

Is It Time To Dump PodPress?

Here is an article on Podcasting News called ” Is It Time For WordPress Podcasters To Dump PodPress?”
Is time for WordPress-based podcasters to dump the once-pioneering podcasting plugin PodPress?
It could be.
blubrry has announced that PowerPress 1.0 is now available, and it supports all the key PodPress features:
Read the Rest at Podcasting News!

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Sean Green’s The Green Room

The Green Room is a talk/comedy podcast from Sherman Oaks California hosted by Sean Green. Each show is about 50 minutes and is co-hosted by a guy named Logan.
The show is a conversation between Logan and Sean in which they talk about themselves and their own personal opinions on recent news stories. Since they are [...]

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