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The Kitchen Sink Podcast

On this edition on Underbelly’s Friday Feature, I’d like to recommend The Kitchen Sink Podcast. This show is a music podcast hosted by Christopher, featuring a eclectic mix of music ranging from classic Rock and Roll , TV and movie themes, and whatever else you can imagine. The latest episode is called STFU (It’s Instrumental) [...]

7 Steps to Creating Your Own Podcast

By Donna Gunter

Listening to podcasts isn’t something I enjoy or take time for, quite frankly. I’m a visual learner and prefer to read something rather than listen to it, as I find reading a much quicker way to gather the info that I need. However, with the proliferation [...]

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Poetry for Kids

Carrie Heyes is Canadian, but let’s not hold that against her.
Who is Carrie Heyes? She was born on September 17th, she has two older sisters and has a bunny named Lucy. All that and she writes Poetry for children.
Carrie Heyes Doopod: Poetry for Kids is a podcast of short poems, each one lasting from 30 [...]

Proudly Resents Podcast Review

When I listened to my second episode of Proudly Resents, I was very disappointed.
The first episode I listened to was one called Nicko Return (How Dare You?) with the charming and funny Nicko from Nicko And Joe’s Bad Film Club. It had me laughing very hard, especially when she did an English impersonation of Robert [...]

Pitch This

“What is this?” I asked myself as I listened to four episodes of Pitch This. Four episodes might sound like a lot but some episodes are as short as 6 minutes, and the longest I heard was about 15 minutes.
Generally this podcast is a comedy show, done in a news format, with Canadian political overtones, [...]

Hot Scores Football News Video Podcast

I received a request to review a video podcast about U.K, football, what we call soccer in America by Sarah Flotel. I’ll have to be honest, Sarah, I know nothing about English, Scottish and European football, so I really don;t know if I am qualified to review the show.
I’ll do what I can.
Hot Scores Football [...]

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Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones

I received an email about a podcast about The Importance of Eye Care. I listened to two episodes and they are well-produced shows about eye care. The only issue I had was they are listed a video podcast, but the video part is just a static frame of the shows information. If they are not [...]

The Caustic Soda Podcast

After listening to The Caustic Soda podcast, I couldn’t figure out the best way to describe it. I went to the Caustic Soda website and used their description.
Caustic Soda is a weekly podcast about science, horrible news and humor hosted by Toren Atkinson, Kevin Leeson and Joe Fulgham. Each episode of Caustic Soda takes a [...]

We Hate Movies

I listen to a lot of movie review podcast. I heard good ones and bad ones. I thought I had heard every different kind of cinema show. Not True!
We Hate Movies is a weekly podcast by Private Cabin, a comedy arts collective. If I might be so bold to guess, these gentleman don’t hate movie, [...]

Ripley Radio

I remember reading Ripley’s Believe It or Not when I was a youngster. I seem to remember it full of freaks and oddities. That is what I expected from Ripley Radio but what I got was something quite different. Hosted by “Ralf with an F”, aka Ralf Ingwersen and joined by four of five other, [...]