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A Celebration of Labor

My  buddy Christopher is back with another one of his Kitchen Sink podcast. If you have not heard these shows yet, give it a try. The Kitchen Sink is a music podcast and a bit more. Christopher combines the eclectic mix of tunes with sound bits from TV and movies.
You’ll hear things you have not [...]

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Proudly Resents Jaws the Revenge

Nicko returns to Proudly Resents to join Adam on this review of the cinema classic, Jaws 4. Find out all the reasons why this film does not make any sence and what happens why Nicko uses the word “digger”. Caution, this podcast has about 5 minutes of laughing. I’m just guessing here, but I think [...]

Everything about P.O.W. Camps

The crazy guys over at Caustic Soda talk about every aspect of P.O.W. Camps from the Civil War to Guantanamo Bay with their special guest Jordan Pratt from Horsetrack Hooligans!
Check out the new episode of Caustic Soda – click here

Natty Bumperpodcast

Did you ever get an idea in your head, you know, something you think might be funny. Imagine you had some sort of recording device next to you and you just spilled that idea into the recorder. The thing is, this recorder could only record for 3 minutes, 14 seconds. The ideas vary from day [...]

Spider Baby on Dread Media

I’m a huge fan of Dread Media. I listen to every show as soon as it is available. Hosted by Desmond Reddick who is a teacher and a big horror fan, takes about every aspect to the horror Genre. I’m talking books, music, graphic novels, and, of course, movies.
The film reviews are my favorite part. [...]

Radio Commercials From The Past

Are you looking for some old time radio commercials to use in your podcast? Here at The Podcast Place we have quite a few we’ve collected over the years. You can find them up at the sound section in the top menu. There are other places on the web I’ve come across good bits.  Here [...]

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Cinemasochist Review

I have to admit that when I first listened to Cinemasochist I was a little put off. I can’t really remember which episode I listened to but it seemed to be a lot of giggle between the guys on this show, too much like a bunch of drunken frat boys than a talk show.
One more [...]

Podcast Squared #59

American Monsters
This spine tingling episode features podcasts about the most horrifying creatures that crawl across these United States. First, Andrew takes on Big Foot Tonight in his search for the elusive thing that probably doesn’t exist. Then Joe gives you an episode by episode encounter with America’s deadliest menace, drunken bro dudes [...]

Damn it, Basal Ganglia

The host of RadioLab, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, were on tour when they received an email about a crazy story by a young girl named Lisa. She had been doing experiments the Basel Ganglia of mice. By the end of the story, she just might know how the mice felt!
Radio Lab is on [...]

Was The Haunting in Connecticut Fiction?

In a new episode of Monster Talk, Ray Garton talks about his book, In A Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting. This was the book that Ed and Lorraine Warren asked him to right about the now famous Haunting in Connecticut. It seems now Ray is saying the book and Ed [...]