A DYI Podcast Review

Another Podcast Review Request! It was sent by Handyguy Brian.

handyguysThe Handyguys are two avid DIYers sharing their experiences working around the house. Our podcasts feature answers to listener questions, head-to-head tool tests, expert interviews, and other DIY and home improvement topics. Listeners can ask The Handyguys questions regarding their home using the contact tab on our site, by phone ( 818-804-TOOL ) or email ( us@handyguyspodcast.com ). We respond to all questions and may use the question on-the-air in a future broadcast. Our weekly podcasts are posted every Thursday at 5PM Eastern Time.

We have been online since January 2008 and have 75 episodes produced as of today.

As a homeowner with a older house, The Handyguys Podcast appealed to me almost instantly. Hosted by Brian and Paul, they do a very good job at bringing do-it-yourself, homeowner advice in a neat, organized podcast. The first thing that I liked was that they went right into a question by a listener, avoiding the usual, “How was you weekend, Paul?” These two get to the subject of the show without unnecessary chit chat before hand. The next thing I thought was great was the length of the show. At a little under thirty minutes, it was the perfect time for the subject.

I downloaded and listened to three shows and they seem to follow the same format. First they take one question by a listener and answer it in detail. Next, they take the subject of the show, like in the last show which was prefabricated basements, and talk about the pro’s and con’s of such as system. That’s it. The show than is over.  And since each show has a description, it is easy to find a show speaks of an area that interests the home owner.

That being said, I don’t think this show will appeal to anyone who is not a DYI person, but if you are, give it a show. Good going Brian and Paul!

Episode #76 – Deck Stains and Tub Glazing – Aug 13 2009

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