Dogear Nation Podcast Review

dogearRequest from Andy Piper of the Dogear Nation podcast.

I wondered if you would be interested in reviewing our podcast, Dogear Nation. We’re a weekly technology podcast that takes sites submitted from listeners via then rounds up the latest news and trends.

You’ll find us in iTunes (although right now, the store is only listing up to episode 114… if you subscribe to the feed, you’ll get 4 more recent episodes thru 118!

Looking forward to reading your thoughts! Andy

Another problem I’ve discovered while reviewing podcast is what happens when I am asked to review show that I don’t understand? I don’t consider myself a very tech-savvy person and after listing to this podcast, I know I’m not. Also, I am not a gamer. I’ve never played on on-line game, like World of Warcraft. My gaming days ended with Frogger.

With all that being said, I can only say that this is a nice, well-produced, informative podcast. This is definitely a show for those people who are really up on the latest technologies and games.

Hosted by Michael Martine and Michael Rowe from the U.S.A. and Andy Piper from the U.K., they talk about all the things I don’t understand. The show I listened too, #114, which features an interview with Chris Hazard from Hazardous Gaming talking about a new time travel game. Other features on the show are What’s Cool, Obligatory 3-D Internet, Tech-no-tronic, Mac-a-rooni and Final Thoughts.

You’ll find plenty of tech talk on this site, and I am trying hard not to use the term “geek”. But seriously, if anyone who is more qualified to review this site wants to add anything, feel free to add a comment below.

Episode 118 – Social Privacy – Aug 29, 2009

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