A Pagan Podcast?


o you think pagans are little people in robes sacrificing virgins? Well, if that’s you vision of what pagans are, listen to The Dark Side of Fey.

The Dark Side of Fey is a pagan podcast, brought to you by DarklyFey, who records the show from the red leather couch in Southwestern Ontario! The show is released every second Saturday and features a wide variety of topics including wicca, witchcraft, druidry, general paganism, spirituality & spiritual practices, divination, tarot, numerology, herbalism, pathworking, dieties from different pantheons, and pagan books, music and resources!

Fey is a 40 year old mom and long-time pagan who has studied paganism since her late teens. She considers herself a seeker first, and this is reflected in the way she peers curiously into all the dusty corners of world religion and mythology. She reads avidly and widely, and shares what she picks up from various sources with her loyal listenership. (from the Dark Side of Fey website)

If you like me, you have no real knowledge of pagans and I find all points of views interesting. Fey does a very good job. She is well spoken and knows what she talks about. If I had one complaint, and this is more of my personal taste, is the music. The couple of shows I listened to so far, the music just didn’t do it for me.

If you have any interest in others ways of life and have an open mind. (Unlike me and my music taste), give The Dark Side of Fey a try.