A Podcast For the UFO Believers

UFO_RadioFor all you folks that look up in the sky and wonder if we are alone, here is UFO Radio.

Personally, I’m not much of a believer but I did listen to this whole podcast, all 2 hours of it. People that come to this blog regularly probably know that I am a skeptic, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a well done show! The host, Sam Willey does a great job of presenting information and interviewing guest. He is the young ago of 18 and from the U.K, is a full time college student and been podcasting since early 2007 and researching UFO’s since November 2003.

Like I said, the shows are about 2 hours long, and I believe that is because they are a live internet show. That is a bit long for my taste. One problem I had with the show is its sound quality. It sounds as if Sam is using a real inexpensive microphone and during some interviews, his guest was very hard to hear compared to Sam. It becomes a situation where you must either turn up the volume to hear the guest and have Sam blasting, ot keep Sam and a decent level and not hear the guest.

To enjoy this show, I would think that you would have to already be a believer in UFOs. from what I heard, there isn’t much debate in dcastthey exist or not.

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