A Review of The Night Barbers

night_barberRequest from Skeets of The Night Barbers podcast.

5 idiots from Jersey and their crude humor discussing “Strange but True” news stories, and whatever comes to their tiny little minds. Shows are usually under an hour once a week. (Every Friday)

Explicit content for swearing and occasional discussions involving sexual content.

We are 5 guys who used to be in a band together that played originals and cover tunes across the tri-state area for over 10 years. Tommy owns a Music Studio, so we had access to all the proper gear to record a radio show of good quality as far as sound goes (not necessarily the content), so we gave it a shot. We honestly do the show for ourselves, and it is actually an excuse for the 5 of us to get together and hang out. After giving the show to a handful of friends, we realized it had started to spread without us even trying. Of course some of our friends find us funny, but we always wonder if people that don’t know us will find us amusing, or just find us to be complete idiots.

Skeets (one of the hosts)

One this to keep in mind when reading reviews on this site is the guy doing the reviews is old, almost 50.

Ok, a quick explanation of why it took so long to review this show. I received this request a while back and quickly downloaded the most recent episode. The name of the show was Fecal Matters. Now, I hope those fine folks over at The Night Barbers Podcast will understand that this is the third podcast I listened to in the last few weeks that went into detail about this subject. Now, the idea of talking about bodily functions does not offend me and I have no problem with it but I just don’t see the humor in the subject. At this point I turned the show off, just not being in the mood hear another conversation of bowel movements.

So, a few days ago I received a second email from Skeets. I had meant to go back and download another show but forgot. Thanks to him for reminding me. I downloaded a show called Mental Midgets. One could tell right away that these people have a good sense of humor and could play off each other well. That being said for the most part their humor wasn’t for me. That is not to say that I didn’t laugh here and there, I did in parts, but other times I found myself losing interest. Humor is, as well all know, very subjective. So don’t let my lack of appreciation influence your opinion

On the positive side, I did like the opening banter about their personal lives, like the guy who never talks to his neighbors and the Stranger But True News, in which they talk about a bizarre news story. At the end of Mental Midget’s show, there was an email they answered in which the completed a sentence about one another that was pretty funny.

On the negative, There are times when it seems all five guys are talking over one another, trying to out do each other in being funny. At points during the show I lost what was going on and I wanted to yell, “Shut up and let the man talk.” Also, there were other times in which I felt a joke went on too long, like when they discussed the oversized testicles of one of the hosts. I thought the bit had run its course long before The Night Barber crew moved on.

I think this is going to be one of the shows that is totally dependent on what you find funny. Click below and judge for yourself.

Mental Midgets – Aug 23 2009

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