Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock

collin_a_-bullockBefore I begin I want to point out that this review is my personal opinion and if this podcast sounds like something you would like, you should give it a listen and judge for yourself.

The first thing about Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock that I heard was a 3 or 4 minute segment about how you should help him get a larger audience. Begging for money or listeners is not something I’m fond of. I would advise Collin not to do this anymore. This is the type of thing that might really put off a first time listener.

Collin A. Bullock is a stand up comedian and his show, Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock, is Collin, interviewing other comedians.

The show I listened to was an interview with comedian, Jacob Williams. The interview faded in, as the two were already in mid-conversation with no introduction or bio. They began by talking about some contest that Jacob won, with no explanation of the contest. It could have been a bake-off for all I know. This was the feeling of the whole show. It was as if Collin forgot about his audience and that he and Jacob were having a personal conversation. Not once did I hear a quick explanation of the subject matter to help us, the audience, understand what was being talked about.

The sound quality bothered me as well. Sometime it sounded like one of the two leaned back, away from the mic to the point in which they were hard to hear. Maybe they were sharing a microphone, who knows.

I think that is you knew these two, you might have appreciated this show. For those who are not part of this stand up comedy scene, you, like me, might be bored.

I might be being unfair here since I never finished the long, 1.5 hour podcast. I tried but I kept losing concentration and when I realized that 15 minutes had passed by and I had no recollection of what had been being said, it was time to turn it off.

On the positive side, He is well spoken and he did a comedy bit about growing old near the beginning that I found amusing.

Advice, introduce your guest and let the audience into the conversation, don’t beg, and maybe shorten the show a bit.

Episode 17 – Jacob Williams • July 8th, 2011

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