Bands Under the Radar Podcast


I work in the music biz but also host and produce a music podcast called Bands Under the Radar (BUTR). I’m starting to think almost every artist is “Under the Radar” these days. The amount of new releases and media to consume is overwhelming. BUTR is a filter for the noise with the goal of turning you on to good music that you may have missed. – Kami Knake from the Bands Under the Radar Website

This podcast is near a dear to my heart for the simple reason it was one of the first I ever listened to. I’ve been listening to Kami Knake and her show since 2005, I think. She has introduced me to many musical artist I would never have heard before.

The thing that makes this show special is Kami has a passion for the music. That is what I look for in a podcast. Are they doing it just because they want to do a podcast or do they really have a passion for their subject, and this girl loves the music.

I will warn you that she music she plays is very eclectic. This is great for people like me who love to hear different styles and tastes. If your one of those people who stick with just one form of music, you might not appreciate her show.

The shows can run almost two hours and Kami does very little talking, except where necessary, like to tell you what she just played. The website has every song listed and links to the artist, which is great. The only part of this show I don’t like is there can be over a month gap between shows, but the wait is worth it. If you have any desire to explore new music, check out Bands Under the Radar.


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