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Basic Brewing Video” is the video sibling of Basic Brewing Radio”. On the video side, we hope to be a little more adventurous and a little less technical than the audio side. We hope to be thinking a bit “out of the brewpot” when looking at our favorite hobby.

As a man who has been thinking about brewing his own beer for some time, you’ll like this podcast. This is a wonderful show that covers all aspects of home beer making.

This was a completely refreshing podcast because it doesn’t try to be hip or cool, no heavy metal songs in the middle or wacky DJ joking around and no gimmicks what-so-ever! This is just about brewing. It is the type of show for those who just want to learn the art of brewing.

James Spencer, the host of the show does a great, professional job. I don’t know if he was any kind of a radio personality, but he could. He reminds me of the NPR type radio hosts. His interviewing ability is great and has some wonderful guests!

Subject include Beer Blending Experiment, Smoked Beers, Stretching Hops, Understanding Attenuation and tons more! You can see that this show covers a wide range of information. The shows in it’s fifth year and all the shows are available from the Basic Brewing website, either as a download or streaming. A new show is posted about once a week, so if you like this podcast there is plenty of old shows to listen too.


Their is also a video podcast as well. which is also available from the website

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  1. Joyce Hall - September 3rd, 2010

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    Joyce Hall [..]