Beer School Podcast!

beer-schoolSo today I thought I’d look for a podcast that seemed near and dear to my heart. I thought I’d look for a podcast on beer. My first criteria in deciding to listen to a podcast is if they’ve had a new episode within the last month. The first podcast looked at was The Beer School.

Another think I liked is that the show is more than an hour and a half. Of course that’s a double edge sword. So many podcasts that are 90 minutes are 60 minutes too long. But I like a long podcast, as long as it’s entertaining or informative. I listen to them at work, which is 8 hours of time, or in my car, which is about half an hour each way, to work and back.

Once the Beer School was downloaded, I began to play it and the first thing I noticed was that I felt like I just walked into a conversation, already taken place. I liked that. They didn’t waste my time with a bunch opened music, pretending like they are doing an actual radio show. Nope, these guys, John Foster and “Motor”, begin talking within 3 seconds and only take a few moments to introduce the podcast a few minutes in.

I only listened to the newest episode which was about the repeal of Prohibition. Yes, that was the main topic, but these two do weave off course now and again! In fact that go off topic a lot but usually for a humorous effect and are quickly bad on topic.

One of the more interesting bits of the program are the homework, which, I think you’ve guessed it, it’s drinking beer! The homework for the halloween show was “Seek out a local pumpkin beer that might be at your brewery or from your bottle shop.”

This show isn’t for everyone. First, you have to be a beer drinker, and not just average beer, but someone who really likes tasting different beers and styles. Next, you have to like listening to two guys talk. I mean, if you just want to hear about a new beer and what it taste like, this show might not be for you. To enjoy this podcast, you must like to hear the ramblings of two guys who like to joke and laugh!

You can find this Podcast of iTunes or go to the Beer School Website!

2 Responses to “Beer School Podcast!”

  1. Jose - February 6th, 2009


    Where can I download:
    Fuit Beer 07-14-08

    I won’t download on iTunes

    Thank you

  2. Jose - February 6th, 2009

    Oh….. got it. Found it in your website.