Cat Crave Radio

ccradio3Another Podcast Review Request

My name is John White. I am the host of a weekly podcast dedicated to my favorite NFL team, the Carolina Panthers, called Cat Crave Radio. The show has been in production now for a little over a year – 60 episodes in all. Please consider this as my submission for review.

This one presented a problem. I’m a Chicago Bears Fan and have not got over the whole Muhsin Muhammad thing.

That being said, this is a really good podcast for Carolina Panthers fans. I want to assure you that this is not one of those sports fans podcast with a few guys who complain for 30 minutes. This show was more like a news show in its format. You’ll hear team news, interviews, player profiles and much more.

I think anyone who is seriously into the Carolina Panthers will love this podcast. I didn’t find it on itunes but it is available on their website, which I’m sure, fans will also enjoy.

I don’t know how much the website or the podcast will appeal to the average Panther fan. It seems to be gears more for the die-hard fan.

Carolina Panthers fans give this podcast a chance!

Click here to go the Cat Crave Podcast Website.