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Looking for Fantasic Podcasts

You know, we here at The Podcast Place just don’t have enough time to listen to all the great shows out there. Do us a favor, and let us know about the podcasts that you think are worthy of mentioning on the blog. Not only would you make the folks at The Podcast Place happy, [...]

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Free Audio Editor

If you are looking for a way to start a podcast and would like to doit for as little cash as possible, you may want to look into Audacity, Audacity is a free sound editing program that I’ve been using for years.
Audacity is  developed by a group of volunteers and distributed under the GNU General [...]

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The Best Way to Listen to Podcasts

I was wondering how you folks listen to your podcasts these days.
I still listen the old fashion way. I down load them to iTunes and sync them up to my ipod. I also have iTunes on my computer at work, and there I just listen to them straight from the computer.
I hear these days there [...]

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Want a Review of Your Podcast?

Do you want the world famous Podcast Place to review your ground breaking podcast? We’ve got a few problems. The first problem is we don’t have the time. (By “we”, I mean “I”). Am I a hard worker with just too many projects going on right now, or just damn lazy! Well to be honest, [...]

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New Podcast Episodes

Do you have a new podcast episode and you wish you could tell the world? You notice The Podcast Place has a new episode section and you are wondering how I can get your new episode on that list. Simple. Follow The Podcast Place on Twitter and The Podcast Place will follow you. When you [...]

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Promote Your Podcast

You’ve worked so hard on your podcast and now what? How will anyone know about it?
Here at The Podcast Place, we will listen to any podcast and write a piece about it. Be careful, we will be honest. But as a wise man once said, the only thing worse than being talked bad about is [...]

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The NEW Podcast Place

As you can probably tell, our site is going through some changes. We are setting up Twitter and Facebook pages and I hope you will join one of both of them.
While this change is going on, you might notice some odd things about the site. I apologize. We will continue to review great podcasts as [...]

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Podcast Place Update

I must apologize for the lack of new postings on The Podcast Place. Mainly it was due to my main computer crashing, beyond repair. Also, family issues were involved. This is of really no concern of yours, but I thought I needed to offer and explanation. I wanted to assure you that The Podcast Place [...]

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Looking for U.K. Podcast Reviewers!

Are you one of the people who obsessively listen to podcasts? Are you across the pod in merry old England? Would you like to review podcasts for The Podcast Place? What’s in it for you, you ask? Nothing but the joy in knowing you’ve helped dozens of others find this independent form of expression. [...]

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Monday Morning at the Podcast Place

As I sit here, having my coffee early Monday morning, ready to begin a new work week, I ponder ideas of how to improve The Podcast Place.
One problem I have with taking the job of reporting on great podcasts in the lack of time to find new podcasts. You see, all the podcast’s I mention [...]

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