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What’s The Deal With Podcasting?

It amazes me on how many people still don’t understand podcasting, or understand how important is in the world communication.
Never, in the history of the human race have we had a time like this in communication. For the first time, anyone can be a disk jockey, movie reviewer, political columnist, or just an entertainer, without [...]

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Who Picks the Podcasts?

I received an email the other day by a regular visitor of The Podcast Place, who asked my how I decide what podcasts I feature on this site.
I tend to comment on those podcast that interest me. Does that sound a little unfair? It is! Here is the thing, however, I don’t have time to [...]

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Looking for Podcast Reviewers

Do you enjoy podcasts or have that certain podcast you love to listen to? To you run a podcast?
We hear at The Podcast Place only post the podcasts we enjoy but we have no problem with other peoples opinions. We are looking fro podcast reviews
Be one of us by recommending a great podcast, write a [...]

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Build an Audience With Podcasting

By Andrew J Green

Millions of people around the world are connected to the Internet. What better way to send out a message than by recording a podcast. If there are some skeptics out there, there’s always Quantcast to reassure your doubts.
Podcasts are one of the most popular and growing Internet devices that allows website [...]

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Podcasters Stop the Begging

Please, I know you want to do well on Podcast alley or other sites, and awards are nice and whatever, but seriously, stop asking. And stop asking for donations. I know that running a podcast can be costly and if I like you show I might click you “donate” button, but not if you gonna [...]

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Trying to Find a Great Podcast

or maybe a good one . . .
I sift throught the garbage pile that I call The Podcast Dumb looking for the gold nugget. It’s not easy! Most podcast are dead. I won’t even listen to one that hasen’t been updated for six months. I’d say half that I look at  haven’t been updated [...]

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What is “The Podcast Place”?

Today, instead of reviewing a podcast, I’d like to talk about this site.
Since the creation of broadcast media, the business in suits, and government censorship have ruled over everyone’s personal freedom. With computers, the internet, and finally podcasting, that all has changed!
So now with the freedom of expression that podcasting allows, it also creates the [...]

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