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The History Files #46: Sutter’s Fort

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Rachel Wall, The Pirate

Today is the story of Rachel Wall, a female pirate in the 18th century. She was with a group who robbed other ships and left no victims alive. It was the theft of a bonnet that sent her to the gallows. And she might not even have stolen that hat! Today we have the true [...]

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The Coffee With Jeff Podcast

Here is a history podcast that discusses such subject such as, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Story of the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots, The Baron of Arizona, On the Origin of the Piltdown Man and  The Strange Tale of Gene Tierney. This week Jeff talked about Television Game Show Scandals.

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THe Heaven’s Gate Cult

A strange story of 39 people who took their own lives in order to be taken away on a UFO to be transported to the next level! A true, and sad, story!

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Half-Pints, Whole-Notes #2: Sour Beer and Warm Electronica

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The Coffee With Jeff Podcast

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Consider This: Starve The Doubts

Consider listening to the Starve The Doubts! Overcoming Self Doubt & Fear Management! Interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have starved the doubts, moved into self confidence & are making their dreams, their business & passion a reality. You can do it too!
This comedy podcast is available both on iTunes, Sound cloud, and Stitcher. Click on the [...]

Psycomedia Podcast

Psycomedia is a comedy podcast dedicated to the funny side of psychological research. Hosts Timothy Swann and Ben Fell take a look at the crazy stuff that psychologists get up to when grappling with the mysteries of the human mind. Their quest takes them via silly jokes and clever studies, academic battles and remarkable findings [...]

GeekScholars Movie News Podcast

GeekScholars Movie News is a weekly podcast highlighting film headlines, previews and reviews. Conceived by a former Washington, D.C. film critic, the GeekScholars crew are four film pundits, all of whom hold advanced graduate or terminal degrees in a variety of academic disciplines including the arts, business, education, economics, engineering, and medicine. Drawing upon their [...]

The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge

As a few of you might know, I am a skeptic. It is not that I don’t believe in things like aliens, ghosts, mind powers and all the rest, it is just that I need some very solid evidence before I consider such things.
To add to my rotation of regularly listened to podcast’s in The [...]