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Cinemasochist Review

I have to admit that when I first listened to Cinemasochist I was a little put off. I can’t really remember which episode I listened to but it seemed to be a lot of giggle between the guys on this show, too much like a bunch of drunken frat boys than a talk show.
One more [...]

WireTap – My Imposter

What happens when Jonathan discovers a fake Jonathan Goldstein posing as him on Twitter.  On a recording done in front of a live audience, Jonathan tells the story of competing a Twitter with another person clamming to be Jonathan Goldstein. Plus, musical guest Hannah Georgas.
Enter the mind of Jonathan Goldstein. It’s a nice place to [...]

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Dinner of Death

Those crazy British folks at We Are Not Alone present there wacky Edinburgh Finge Special called Dinner of Death.
Dinner of Death – a 1950s style portmanteau horror audio comedy – brings you five interlinked spine-tingling tales of terror, trickery and terrible cuisine.
Join our five hapless friends as they share their eerie experiences [...]

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Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock

Before I begin I want to point out that this review is my personal opinion and if this podcast sounds like something you would like, you should give it a listen and judge for yourself.
The first thing about Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock that I heard was a 3 or 4 minute segment about [...]

Shut Up Tim!: A Podcast By Robby

When I young child first learns that he will get a reaction from yelling a bad word, they will do it over and over again. The best thing to do it ignores the child and hope that he learns his current behavior is not the way to get attention.
The show I am reviewing is called [...]

Pitch This

“What is this?” I asked myself as I listened to four episodes of Pitch This. Four episodes might sound like a lot but some episodes are as short as 6 minutes, and the longest I heard was about 15 minutes.
Generally this podcast is a comedy show, done in a news format, with Canadian political overtones, [...]

We Hate Movies

I listen to a lot of movie review podcast. I heard good ones and bad ones. I thought I had heard every different kind of cinema show. Not True!
We Hate Movies is a weekly podcast by Private Cabin, a comedy arts collective. If I might be so bold to guess, these gentleman don’t hate movie, [...]

We Are Not Alone

When I first received a request to review this podcast, I thought, Oh no, not another show trying to convince me in flying saucers. And then I actually read the request!
“Just dropping you a line to see if you would be interested in listening to our 1950s Sci-Fi themed sketch comedy podcast?” – Lisa Thrower.
I [...]

The Inverse Delirium

The Inverse Delirium is a spoof of public radio and life in this American Baltimore. Twice monthly, a new 12-minute “webisode” emerges from Poison Dart Studios, full of “interviews” with local “celebrities” and “personalities” of varying types. Look for humor, and you may find it here! The show’s host/creator, Geoffrey Welchman, is a local writer [...]

The Nilpod Podcast

Nilpod is a podcast by Nicky Coghlan and Wil McDermott from Dublin, Ireland. Wil had emailed me asking if I would review their show. As he explained “I produce with a friend of mine, Nicky Coghlan. The podcast is called Nilpod and it’s a “clever” amalgamation of mine and Nicky’s forenames!”
Personally, I was just excited [...]