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GeekScholars Movie News Podcast

GeekScholars Movie News is a weekly podcast highlighting film headlines, previews and reviews. Conceived by a former Washington, D.C. film critic, the GeekScholars crew are four film pundits, all of whom hold advanced graduate or terminal degrees in a variety of academic disciplines including the arts, business, education, economics, engineering, and medicine. Drawing upon their [...]

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema

When I first listened to The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema, or the GGTMC as it is referred to, I was impressed. The hosts, Big Willy and The Samurai, separate themselves from an Internet filled with movie review podcasts mainly by their great knowledge of film and filmmakers. It is hard for me to explain [...]

Proudly Resents Tommy Wiseau

If you listen to the Proudly Resents Podcast, you might remember that Adam Spiegelman had an interview with Sandy Schklair, who calmed that he actually directed the famous cult film, The Room. Now Adam gets to review the credited director, Tommy Wiseau. What an odd interview it is. If you are interested in the [...]

Proudly Resents Jaws the Revenge

Nicko returns to Proudly Resents to join Adam on this review of the cinema classic, Jaws 4. Find out all the reasons why this film does not make any sence and what happens why Nicko uses the word “digger”. Caution, this podcast has about 5 minutes of laughing. I’m just guessing here, but I think [...]

Spider Baby on Dread Media

I’m a huge fan of Dread Media. I listen to every show as soon as it is available. Hosted by Desmond Reddick who is a teacher and a big horror fan, takes about every aspect to the horror Genre. I’m talking books, music, graphic novels, and, of course, movies.
The film reviews are my favorite part. [...]

Cinemasochist Review

I have to admit that when I first listened to Cinemasochist I was a little put off. I can’t really remember which episode I listened to but it seemed to be a lot of giggle between the guys on this show, too much like a bunch of drunken frat boys than a talk show.
One more [...]

Proudly Resents Podcast Review

When I listened to my second episode of Proudly Resents, I was very disappointed.
The first episode I listened to was one called Nicko Return (How Dare You?) with the charming and funny Nicko from Nicko And Joe’s Bad Film Club. It had me laughing very hard, especially when she did an English impersonation of Robert [...]

We Hate Movies

I listen to a lot of movie review podcast. I heard good ones and bad ones. I thought I had heard every different kind of cinema show. Not True!
We Hate Movies is a weekly podcast by Private Cabin, a comedy arts collective. If I might be so bold to guess, these gentleman don’t hate movie, [...]

Satan & the Lord Show Review

This is a movie review podcast hosted by, well, Satan and The Lord. Actually, they are two electronically altered voices, both, I believe, by creator Derrick Shadowens.
I listened to his most recent two show and I thought they were very good. His review were nicely done and well thought out. I really liked the [...]

The Chronic Rift Podcast

Request from The Chronic Rift’s John S. Drew.
I’d like to bring my podcast to your attention. It’s called The Chronic Rift, a podcast on pop culture that focuses on science fiction and fantasy. We do three types of episodes a month – a round table discussion on a variety of topics featuring a [...]