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It Came From Japan

It Came From Japan is a free monthly podcast recorded in Tokyo. We play the freshest new Japanese music, all fully licensed, with interviews, chat, prize giveaways and special reports on Japan’s music scene.
The podcast is presented by Tokyo-based journalist Daniel Robson (that’s me) – and now also by Asuka Eiki, who joins us from [...]

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A Celebration of Labor

My  buddy Christopher is back with another one of his Kitchen Sink podcast. If you have not heard these shows yet, give it a try. The Kitchen Sink is a music podcast and a bit more. Christopher combines the eclectic mix of tunes with sound bits from TV and movies.
You’ll hear things you have not [...]

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The Desperate Hour #51

Looking for a great garage punk rock nd roll podcast? You should check out The Desperate Hour with Alex. The Desperate Hour Podcast will ooze out of your speakers.  Featuring tracks by Hasil Adkins, Arch Hall, Jr. and The Archers, Billy Childish and The Musicians of The British Empire and The Sonics. The [...]

MSI: Music Scene Investigation

MSI: Music Scene Investigation is not a fast-paced drama about a team of forensic investigators trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence.  What is MSI: Music Scene Investigation? It is a music podcast in which 3 random indie songs are listened to for the first time, and critique in various aspects of songwriting, mixing, [...]

The Kitchen Sink Podcast

On this edition on Underbelly’s Friday Feature, I’d like to recommend The Kitchen Sink Podcast. This show is a music podcast hosted by Christopher, featuring a eclectic mix of music ranging from classic Rock and Roll , TV and movie themes, and whatever else you can imagine. The latest episode is called STFU (It’s Instrumental) [...]

This Week in Podcasting

Every Friday, we here a The Podcast Place post new episodes of podcasts that were released during the week. If you’ve got a podcast you’d like to add to this feature, Click Here to find out the rules.

The Kitchen Sink
Website – Podcast
From 0 to kickass in no time flat. If it doesn’t rock [...]

Sock Monkey Sound Podcast

I’ve got to love any podcast that promotes new, independent music, and since this podcast if from the same town that brought us Cheap Trick, how could I have anything bad to say. Hosted by Brandon Lutmer, Chip Copeland, and Pat Delehanty, this show features new, local music from the Rockford area.
Actually, I do have [...]

Kitchen Sink – The Drive-In

My buddy, Christopher from The Kitchen Sink has posted his latest podcast. This episode is called The Drive-In. Christopher does a wonderful job of presenting great music.
The Kitchen Sink embraces the return of Autumn with an exploitation-filled episode celebrating the raunch, the gore, the violence, the occult and hilarity of drive-in movies past.
The Dickies, The [...]

The Something Live Podcast Review

Request from P.J. Shapiro of The Something Live podcast.
Hi. I recently found The Podcast Place, and I wanted to submit my show, called Something Live, for your consideration. The show is centered around live musical performances recorded at The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge Massachusetts, and interviews with various guest artists. The music is mostly folk, [...]

The Kitchen Sink Podcast Review

I’ve been getting quite a lot of Podcast review requests lately. I figure it might be because I generally give positive reviews. I was thinking the next time I got a request; it was going to be time to get nasty!
Then I received a request from Christopher Floyd to review his podcast, The Kitchen Sink.
Like [...]