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This Week in Podcasting

Every Friday, we here a The Podcast Place post new episodes of podcasts that were released during the week. If you’ve got a podcast you’d like to add to this feature, Click Here to find out the rules.

More Than One Lesson

In episode 15 of More Than One Lesson, host Tyler Smith discusses the 2008 [...]

Rock and Roll and Horror Podcasts

A couple great move podcast were available today. Vince Rotolo and his friend Nic Brown talk about “The Man From Planet X” from 1951 on the B-Movie Podcast, while Desmond Reddick, from Dread Media interviews the legendary horror comic book artist Gene Colan and reviews the 1932 classic “Frankenstein”
From Garage Punk, Mel Thursday’s Florida Rocks [...]

A Pagan Podcast?

o you think pagans are little people in robes sacrificing virgins? Well, if that’s you vision of what pagans are, listen to The Dark Side of Fey.
The Dark Side of Fey is a pagan podcast, brought to you by DarklyFey, who records the show from the red leather couch in Southwestern Ontario! The show is [...]