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Consider This: Too Hard To Swallow

Go a request for this podcast. Here is what the email said!
“enclosed iz 2 40 min. episodes. i think we reached the true radio show on #2…in response, i’ve been asked to go phuk myself b4.
Honesty is kool. cheers, dd”
I always worry when I receive an email such as this, I mean, if you can’t [...]

Consider This: 7 Days a Geek

Geeks from different backgrounds and interests, come together with their own brand of humor to discuss movies, comic books, writing, hot rods, T.V., podcasting, pop culture and life in general! What makes you geek out?
This comedy podcast is available both on iTunes and Sound cloud. Click on the link below to be taken to the [...]

Monopoly – The Complete Story

Have you ever wondered about Monopoly? You know the game? How is was developed, the real rules, alternative rules, more. Check out one of my favorite podcast’s, The Stuff You Should Know, from July 3rd. 2014. A great show. Stuff You Should Know is available on iTunes!

Consider This: Starve The Doubts

Consider listening to the Starve The Doubts! Overcoming Self Doubt & Fear Management! Interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have starved the doubts, moved into self confidence & are making their dreams, their business & passion a reality. You can do it too!
This comedy podcast is available both on iTunes, Sound cloud, and Stitcher. Click on the [...]

Consider This: Whatever We Call It

Consider listening to the Whatever We Call It, a weekly podcast with your hosts Jeb and Terence, two magical idiots what talk about things! All the news you never needed!
This comedy podcast is available both on iTunes and Sound cloud. Click on the link below to be taken to the Website
Whatever We Call It
Consider leaving [...]

Consider This: Inappropriate Earl

Consider listening to the Inappropriate Earl podcast. Inappropriate Earl is a podcast done by LA Stand Up Comic Earl Skakel where he interviews comics,musicians and any/all things of his favorite decade the 80’s!!
This comedy podcast is available both on iTunes and Sound cloud. Click on the link below to be taken to the Website
Inappropriate Earl
Consider [...]

Consider This: Coffee with Jeff

Consider listening to The Coffee with Jeff podcast.  Brought to you every Sunday from Gurnee, Illinois, Jeff splits the show into two halves. The first is a bit of comedy and perspective by Jeff, and the second is a true story from history told to the best of Jeff’s understanding. In between is a classic [...]

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Consider This: The Cycling Podcast

THE TELEGRAPH CYCLING PODCAST, SUPPORTED BY JAGUAR takes you to the heart of the 2014 Tour de France in the company of three experienced journalists. Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe are on the road filing daily podcasts as the Tour travels from Yorkshire to Paris.
Click here to go to The Telegraph Cycling Podcast [...]

It Came From Japan

It Came From Japan is a free monthly podcast recorded in Tokyo. We play the freshest new Japanese music, all fully licensed, with interviews, chat, prize giveaways and special reports on Japan’s music scene.
The podcast is presented by Tokyo-based journalist Daniel Robson (that’s me) – and now also by Asuka Eiki, who joins us from [...]

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Psycomedia Podcast

Psycomedia is a comedy podcast dedicated to the funny side of psychological research. Hosts Timothy Swann and Ben Fell take a look at the crazy stuff that psychologists get up to when grappling with the mysteries of the human mind. Their quest takes them via silly jokes and clever studies, academic battles and remarkable findings [...]