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Everything about P.O.W. Camps

The crazy guys over at Caustic Soda talk about every aspect of P.O.W. Camps from the Civil War to Guantanamo Bay with their special guest Jordan Pratt from Horsetrack Hooligans!
Check out the new episode of Caustic Soda – click here

Cinemasochist Review

I have to admit that when I first listened to Cinemasochist I was a little put off. I can’t really remember which episode I listened to but it seemed to be a lot of giggle between the guys on this show, too much like a bunch of drunken frat boys than a talk show.
One more [...]

Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock

Before I begin I want to point out that this review is my personal opinion and if this podcast sounds like something you would like, you should give it a listen and judge for yourself.
The first thing about Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock that I heard was a 3 or 4 minute segment about [...]

Shut Up Tim!: A Podcast By Robby

When I young child first learns that he will get a reaction from yelling a bad word, they will do it over and over again. The best thing to do it ignores the child and hope that he learns his current behavior is not the way to get attention.
The show I am reviewing is called [...]

Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones

I received an email about a podcast about The Importance of Eye Care. I listened to two episodes and they are well-produced shows about eye care. The only issue I had was they are listed a video podcast, but the video part is just a static frame of the shows information. If they are not [...]

The Caustic Soda Podcast

After listening to The Caustic Soda podcast, I couldn’t figure out the best way to describe it. I went to the Caustic Soda website and used their description.
Caustic Soda is a weekly podcast about science, horrible news and humor hosted by Toren Atkinson, Kevin Leeson and Joe Fulgham. Each episode of Caustic Soda takes a [...]

We Hate Movies

I listen to a lot of movie review podcast. I heard good ones and bad ones. I thought I had heard every different kind of cinema show. Not True!
We Hate Movies is a weekly podcast by Private Cabin, a comedy arts collective. If I might be so bold to guess, these gentleman don’t hate movie, [...]

Ripley Radio

I remember reading Ripley’s Believe It or Not when I was a youngster. I seem to remember it full of freaks and oddities. That is what I expected from Ripley Radio but what I got was something quite different. Hosted by “Ralf with an F”, aka Ralf Ingwersen and joined by four of five other, [...]

theicepodcast Review

I receive a podcast review request Chris Crookall. He in one of three host of a show from England called theicepodcast.
Theicepodcast (and yes, they do spell it as one word), uses the format that is being used by a lot of podcasts these days, in which the host voice their opinion of current News and [...]

Sean Green’s The Green Room

The Green Room is a talk/comedy podcast from Sherman Oaks California hosted by Sean Green. Each show is about 50 minutes and is co-hosted by a guy named Logan.
The show is a conversation between Logan and Sean in which they talk about themselves and their own personal opinions on recent news stories. Since they are [...]

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