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Tom and Rafe Talk Podcasting

Tom and Rafe from CNET talk podcasting. The Real Deal 136: Podcasting
Tom Merritt and Rafe Needleman do a real good job of discussing everything about the subject.

The 2009 Show Review

I received another podcast review request from a Richard Stelling. It simply said, “If you’re looking for shows to review…” That was it. Just dot dot dot with links to the podcast. Of course I downloaded a few shows.
My usually way of doing things is to download the latest episode of any podcast I plan [...]

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Tiki Bar TV – Episode 44: Gypsy

A New Tiki Bar TV! Always funny stuff!

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Photoshop – Rock and Roll and CSO

Three podcast’s for today.
First , the Photoshop Guys are back with another video podcast. Scott, Dave, and Matt were taping this episode live from the Photoshop World Expo Hall floor.
Next, for those who like a good ROCK N” ROLL podcast, Garage Punk premiers, The House of Wild Delights #1 with host The Screamin’ Soul Preacher!!! [...]

Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

4 podcast’s to recommend today. Duke Eastwood plays some great rock and roll with Killed by Porn on Garage Punk, Dread Media does the new Friday the 13th, Quirks and Quarks does love, and last, we forgot to list one of our favorate podcast, Mondo Movie!
Out of the Vault, Into Your Ears #20

Garage Punk – [...]

Today’s Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

As my list of worthwhile podcasts grow, so does my amount of podcast I recommend. Today, a big five with listening to.
State of Mynd #15
Garage Punk – February 5, 2009
Host: Nick- -This episode features all the good tunes that have been swimming in Nick’s head lately. You’ll hear the likes of Q 65, New Colony [...]

Today’s Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

Only one podcast today worth listening to and it from the place that always has a podcast worth listening to, and that’s Garage Punk!
Get Drunk and Play Records #69

Garage Punk Podcast- January 30, 2009
Host: Brad X • HEY! It’s all drunken album cuts, lots of great shit here by Supernova, Oblivians, Sonics, Carbonas, the rest [...]

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Uncle Arnold’s Podcast Tips 1 & 2

I’m listing to a podcast called CoffeeJunkee’s Cafe’ and within five minutes I came up with 2 imporant tips.
1. Umm. I know broadcasting 101 says that dead air is bad, but mumbling “Umm” is not the solution
2. Have enough microphones for everyone.

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Hunt for a Sex Podcast – Part 1

When this site was started, we figured we could just download a bunch of shows, listen to them and write reviews. Seemed simple enough. The problem is, most podcast are dead and there is no sense in reviewing podcast that are not in production. So, from now on, I will pick a subject and write [...]

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