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Podcast Squared #59

American Monsters
This spine tingling episode features podcasts about the most horrifying creatures that crawl across these United States. First, Andrew takes on Big Foot Tonight in his search for the elusive thing that probably doesn’t exist. Then Joe gives you an episode by episode encounter with America’s deadliest menace, drunken bro dudes [...]

Was The Haunting in Connecticut Fiction?

In a new episode of Monster Talk, Ray Garton talks about his book, In A Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting. This was the book that Ed and Lorraine Warren asked him to right about the now famous Haunting in Connecticut. It seems now Ray is saying the book and Ed [...]

Supernatural Existence: Paranormal News and Discussion

I’m going to finish my trip into the unexplained with one more paranormal podcast. The show is hosted by Byron Sanchez and he explores a wide range of topics, all in the supernatural topics such as ghost attacks, ouija board, crop circles, extraterrestrial contact, ghost hunting, mass consciousness, and much more.
I listen to show was [...]

The Bigfoot Field Guide Podcast Review

Yesterday I reviewed a podcast with the subject of UFO’s. I decided to get a little more adventurous today and listen to a podcast about Bigfoot. Yes, Bigfoot, the legendary beast that lives in the woods and is only ever visible to out of focus cameras. Kidding aside, and putting my skepticism aside as well, [...]

A Podcast For the UFO Believers

For all you folks that look up in the sky and wonder if we are alone, here is UFO Radio.
Personally, I’m not much of a believer but I did listen to this whole podcast, all 2 hours of it. People that come to this blog regularly probably know that I am a skeptic, but that [...]