Classic Apple Computer Podcast

retormaccastFirst, let me apologize for being away for over two weeks. Spend the last few weeks on vacation in Yellowstone. The wife and I had a wonderful vacation, thanks for asking.

Anyway, I stumbled across this podcast, The Retro Mac Cast.

This is another one that instantly appealed to me, as I’ve been a collector and user of Apple Computers since the late 80’s. It show how naïve I was, I didn’t even realize that there were other out there who collected Mac’s.

For those who are into this sort of things, this is a wonderful podcast. The show is well produced, the sound quality is excellent, and the shows are well paced and to the point.

One problem I had was their website. I clicked on the link on iTunes and found that their website is closed to anyone not invited to join. I really don’t understand this. I can see having the main section to register but at least a page or too just to see what the site and the podcast are about. There is not even a way to get in touch to find out how to be invited. What’s even odder, at the end of each podcast we are asked to support the podcast by clicking on the donate link on their website. The same website that you can’t get on too.

After doing a search on Google, I did find a site, although not the one we are told to go to on the podcast – Click Here!

The show itself is wonderful and I would recommend this podcast to anyone who collects or is interested in old Macs.

Episode 127: Apple IIGS Emulators – Aug 2 2009

Click Here to Visit The Retro Mac Cast Website