Consider This: Too Hard To Swallow

Go a request for this podcast. Here is what the email said!

“enclosed iz 2 40 min. episodes. i think we reached the true radio show on #2…in response, i’ve been asked to go phuk myself b4.
Honesty is kool. cheers, dd”

I always worry when I receive an email such as this, I mean, if you can’t even craft a decent email, what chance does you podcast have? Anyway, the actual podcast is well done! For adults only.  Here is what the podcast is about, according ot there website…

“One man’s journey to the darkest corners of food, beverage, music and it’s outlandish inherent social interactions. All of this viewed through the bloodshot eyes, bitter taste and ringing ears of a disgruntled 40 year restauranteur.”

The show is well recorded, well produced, done with comedy and characters.  Give it a listen.

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