Craft Beer Radio, Podcast Review


Craft Beer Radio is an Internet talk show about craft and micro brewed beers. The mission of the show is to spread the word of good beer. We introduce people to craft beer, and teach them about different beer styles, brewers who make them, and beer history. Whether you are new to craft beer or have been drinking it for more than 20 years we have something for you. -Craft Beer Radio Website.

This is my third podcast I’ve reviewed that deals with beer. Can you see a trend yet?

I’m one of those guys that love trying different beers but don’t really know that much about the different types. I know what I like but if you ask me the difference between and Imperial Stout or a India Pale Ale, I’m lost. That’s where this podcast comes in.

Jeff Bearer and Greg Weiss just sit back and try beer and tell us what they think. Along the way they offer their expertise of the different styles and what you should look for to improve your palate. It’s the very simple format that I enjoy in which they don’t try to over do it with gimmicks or music.

These two beer lovers began in June of 2005 and now, at the time of this review there are over 130 shows. In other words, Jeff and Greg have drank a lot of beer for the sake of the show.

If you are interested in hearing more opinions about the show, there is a thread on the BeerAdvocate forum you can read. You’ll find both good and bad views of the show.


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