Dan Persons & the Mighty Movie Podcast

Yesterday I received the first request The Podcast Place has ever had for a review. It was by a fellow named Dan Persons who left his request in the comments of the “about” section of The Podcast Place blog. He began with the sentence, “Having read your review criteria, I’m suitably cautious about reaching out to you, but I think my show fulfills all your requirements.”

This site was set up hastily, so I had to read what I had wrote and I must say it might have come off a little harsh, maybe? You can read it for yourselves, but it is more or less just bitching session of all the things that bug me about bad podcasts. I may have to write something else.

Let’s get back to Dan.

Dan host a podcast called the Mighty Movie Podcast, and being someone who loves movie and poscasts, I quickly downloaded the first show. To my surprise, it was only about 14 minutes, so I downloaded 4 more and listened to them all.

Here is the description Dan gave me, “Interviews with Filmmakers. We’re just finishing up our third week, and have already posted interviews with such unique directors as Tim Disney (AMERICAN VIOLET), Eran Riklis (THE SYRIAN BRIDE, LEMON TREE), and Slava Tsukerman (LIQUID SKY, PERESTROIKA), with Michael Keaton and Atom Egoyan coming up soon.”

I found this podcast to be very intelligent and well done. The sound was great and the whole thing was really well produced. I loved the fact that the shows were short, not that I would have minded listening to Dan longer, it just like he knew when to stop. He didn’t stick in a bunch of movie sounds bits or songs just to stretch it into an hour.

The only problem I had with the show is I didn’t know any of the films or the people being interviewed. I’m not saying that the content is bad, it’s just for a person like me who doesn’t get to see a lot of non-mainstream films, it not a familiar territory. I will say, after hearing a few of these shows, I do find myself interested in seeing some of these films. Sleep Dealer is one that I think I might want to check out. Maybe this will make me watch IFC or Sundance more often.

If you’re into more independent films, the kind that doesn’t make it to your big, multiplex, 22 screen monster cinema at you local mall, I think you might find this podcast very interested. I definitely recommend it!

You can find The Mighty Movie Podcast on itunes, or click here to go the The Might Movie Podcast Website.