DownrightBrewed Episode 24

Here is a podcast recommended by a reader named Robert. Here is what Robert said

I saw your ad looking for new podcasts. I’m not sure how new this podcast is but I was looking for something to listen to in the wake of the whole Budweiser / Craft Super Bowl commercial thing and I came across one called “Downright Brewed”. I loved it. So I listened to a few more of their episodes. They have like 20 of them or so. This might be my new favorite podcast. These guys love craft beer, but they’re not afraid to go off topic and run with something funny. They speak their mind and don’t really care about posturing for anyone. I feel like their discussions are just like ones that I have with my buddies. Check them out. They’re on iTunes. I also got their website it’s just

February 10, 2015 • Tags:  • Posted in: Beer and Wine