Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Halloween

double_featureI wasn’t going to add anymore movie podcasts to my list but than I discovered this one. It’s called Double Feature. Hosted by two men, Eric and Michael, they usually take on two films per show, with a unique perspective. Unlike most podcasts that stick to one type of film or another, these two tackle any film and offer rare incite that you just don’t find in other shows. The most current show is not the usual double feature, but a look at every Halloween film, from John Carpenters original, to Rob Zombies current film.

If you are tired of the usual blah blah about some b-horror film from 1972, check out these two!

Another cool part of this show is the fact the use chapters in their podcast. If one of the films they talk about is one you don’t want to listen to, maybe because you haven’t seen it yet, just skip to the next chapter!

Click Here to go to the Double Feature Website!