Fantasy Football – My Secret!

fantasty_football_guysYep, not only am I a podcast reviewer, but I am also a fantasy football guy. To those of you that don’t play this game, you will not understand. Why do I play a game like fantasy football? If you ever meet me, you will know. I’m not built for playing the game and at this point in my life, a bit to old. Anyway, this game just adds to my Sunday football enjoyment and out yearly draft, in which we all get together, drink beer, pick our teams and finish off by playing poker, his one of my favorite days of the year.

Now, that being said, once the football season begins, the frustration of watching you players underachieve can be very stressful. There goes the contradiction of this game. I play it to add to my football enjoyment and it can end up making we want to through my beer through the TV screen and ask, “Why do I put myself through this?”

I’ve got a secret I keep from the other guys in my league that helps keep the aggravation to a minimum. It is a podcast called The Fantasy Football Guys who are Lyle and Kevin.

I’ve tried many fantasy football podcasts and must suck. It fact, this is the only one I fins worth listening.

These are not just two guys who were hired to run a show, but two REAL football fans that have been playing the game for years. Since I started to listen to them, I have made the playoffs ever year.

Hey, don’t be stupid! If you playing fantasy football, listen to The Fantasy Football Guys!

Episode 11 – Week 2 Review – Sept 22, 2009

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