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LifeminuteI received an email about a podcast about The Importance of Eye Care. I listened to two episodes and they are well-produced shows about eye care. The only issue I had was they are listed a video podcast, but the video part is just a static frame of the shows information. If they are not going to use actual video, they probably should just make it an audio podcast and save everyone some bandwidth.

Other that, I really can’t say too much. If you are interesting in healthy vision, you might want to check it out. Here is the email I received

I wanted to let you know about this great new radio program devoted to educating and improving the eye health of Americans, supported by ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses. I think you’ll find the sound bites quite interesting.

Americans are out of focus when it comes to eye health and vision care, and particularly with practicing proper UV protection for eyes. While 85% of Americans recognize that Ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes, only 65% wear sunglasses for protection and only 39% have their children wear sunglasses.

Many people also share the misguided belief that seeing well translates to good eye health. This is not always the case! The new radio program called Healthy VisionTM with Dr. Val Jones seeks to close the gap between vision care attitudes and behaviors by sharing timely and relevant information and helpful resources to help manage eye health for the entire family!

The program is hosted by leading national health expert Val Jones, M.D. She is the CEO of Better Health, LLC, a network of popular health bloggers, and author of, “Dr. Val and the Voice of Reason,” which won The Best New Medical Blog award in 2007.

On the inaugural show, Dr. Jones is joined by leading experts from around the country, including Phoenix resident Dr. Stephen Cohen, to take a closer look at three vital areas to maintaining eye health and wellness: the importance of eye exams, contact lens compliance and protecting eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

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