Hot Scores Football News Video Podcast

I received a request to review a video podcast about U.K, football, what we call soccer in America by Sarah Flotel. I’ll have to be honest, Sarah, I know nothing about English, Scottish and European football, so I really don;t know if I am qualified to review the show.

I’ll do what I can.

Hot Scores Football News is a really well produced video podcast that is available on youtube. Sarah is a very pretty, well spoken host who, I can only guess, knows what she is talking about. It is hard to concentrate, when she does the report while taking a bubble bath with a beer. To be fair, show only did one show from a bath tube.

I’ll tell you what, below in an episode of the Hot Scores Football News podcast. If you are familiar with football, let me know what you think!’

Visit the Hot Scores Football News YouTube Page