Is Neuro-linguistic Programming Psychotherapy?

skeptoid_logoThere is so much pseudoscience out in the world, bad facts and figures, it makes it hard to know what’s real. Scam artist use these things to sell magic jewelry and free energy solutions, others make money selling books or movies with much things as the Amityville Horror and people actually put their own heath at risk with useless alternative medicine schemes, like detoxification and reflexology. We haven’t even mentioned the Conspiracy theorists.

Finally, a great podcast that looks at all these common misconceptions with a scientific approach, with real data to support conclusions. It is amazing how much people believe just because it is in print.

In this show, Brian looks at NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Which was invented in the 1970s, its creators called it a scientific breakthrough in psychotherapy (even though neither of them was a psychotherapist). More than 30 years later it’s still marketed as science, but is it science? Or, is it just another New Age self-help scheme peddled to business managers, sports coaches, and sales professionals?

Skeptoid #155, May 26 2009 – Host: Brian Dunning

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