Max Buffer’s Media Museum Review

mediamuseumAnother Podcast Review Request! This time from Terry Bland of Max Buffer’s Media Museum.

If you have time I’d be grateful if you could have a listen to our podcast and let us know what you think. The show is Max Buffer’s Media Museum. It’s based on the recollections and recommendations of two moderately successful, but ultimately failed, media veterans named Max Buffer and Terry Bland, who offer their appalling advice to media wannabes. It is, I hope, a satire on awful television.

Some episodes are short nostalgia trips looking back at TV shows that never existed but probably could have. They take the form of monologues, almost short stories. The other episodes feature Max and Terry creating new shows that should never air but probably could do.

A few of the references, especially to minor celebrities, may be a bit Anglocentric. However, I would be interested in your thoughts on our podcast.

Max Buffer’s Media Museum is a podcast from England and is filled with English cultural references, to the point I found myself losing interest during parts of the show. Terry warned me of this in his email so I shouldn’t have been surprised. Still as a Monty Python fan, I thought I’d get it.

The first episode I listened to was Britain’s Got Orphans. The first third of the show seemed to be filled with names I didn’t recognize (ok, I’ve heard of Madonna), and I was already wondering what I was going to write on this blog. I do always try to be positive, so I was thinking the best I could do was apologize for my lack of cultural understanding.

That being said, the podcast switched gears and began to talk about adopting orphans and why no celebrities adopt Britain’s orphans. At this point I began to really enjoy the show as Max and Terry began to conceptualize a TV show contest for adoption. This was such a great slap in the face of modern TV, one that showed both England and America have the same awful programming (I should point out that I really hate reality and talent shows).

Now it seems that these two produce films in what known as the “what a . . .! “ comedy series. I don’t know if this is real or a bit. I’ve never heard of them and couldn’t find them on IMDB, but in the second show, “What a Gapple!” go through the process of putting one of these together. Again, this show is filled with references and actors I didn’t understand but still good enough to make me laugh again and again.

The shows are nice and short, under 30 minutes, and contain enough amusing material to make them entertaining for even an American listener. I can only guess, but I would assume that for those across the pond, this show would be even more enjoyable.

What a Grapple! – Aug 16 2009

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