Monday Morning at the Podcast Place

As I sit here, having my coffee early Monday morning, ready to begin a new work week, I ponder ideas of how to improve The Podcast Place.

One problem I have with taking the job of reporting on great podcasts in the lack of time to find new podcasts. You see, all the podcast’s I mention on this blog are ones I listen to regularly. I listen to every show from beginning to end. This takes most of my day.

So unfortunately I don;t research and look for new podcasts. That is where I could use some help. If you’ve got a podcast you’ve heard, or maybe produce yourself, let me know, or send me a review and I consider posting it.

Now it’s time to shower and get ready for work. It is there, at my little cubicle that I will but on my headphones and begin to play today’s batch of show. Oh, and try to forget this Sunburn I got while at Arlington Park yesterday.



June 22, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: A Word From Us