Mondo Movie Podcast Review

mondo_movie_logoMovie reviews and discussion with UK based movie critics Ben Howard and Dan Auty – Taking in Cult Movies, World Cinema, Horror, Exploitation and other genre treats on DVD and in Theatres. – iTunes Description

I’ve spent a long time looking for a good movie podcast that goes beyond the normal Hollywood Blockbusters. I must say that most of them were poor. The problem with the subject of B, Bad, Cult type movies is that it’s a easy way for the lazy would-be podcaster to begin. You’d be surprised how many people pick a movie as their subject and don’t even bother to research, or sometimes even watch the film before they begin to spew words. The whole show is about things they think they remember or things they remember hearing from a friend. Listen to a few and you’ll hear what I mean.

The Mondo Movie Podcast is not that way. Ben Howard and Dan Auty have been friends since there youth and have been interested in films of a bizarre nature for years, long before doing a podcast. When they were in school together they traded VHS tapes and wrote and published their own fanzine, Ooh My Brain Hurts! In other words, these two know what they are talking about.

As a movie fan who thought he know something about non-mainstream films, I found I don’t know crap. Ben and Dan will talk about something like Tokyo Gore Police or  Midnight Meat Train and moments later switch to Last House On The Left or Hellboy 2.

Here is there 80th show: