MSI: Music Scene Investigation

MSIMSI: Music Scene Investigation is not a fast-paced drama about a team of forensic investigators trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence.  What is MSI: Music Scene Investigation? It is a music podcast in which 3 random indie songs are listened to for the first time, and critique in various aspects of songwriting, mixing, production, arrangements, performances and personal opinion. At the end of the show a “Song of the week” is picked.

Hosted by Richard Wildman, the show is done live with a guest panelist who helps review each song.

Offered in both video and audio versions, I previewed the same episode in both formats. I didn’t really think the video added all that much more that you couldn’t get from the audio version, except little bits that were, in the show I watched, recorded at something called Gearfest. During the bulk of the show some of video quality was so very poor I found it distracting. If you are interested in the critiquing and judging of indie music, the audio version is just fine.

I enjoyed listening to the reviews of the songs. I even went back and listened to the songs after hearing what the gentlemen had to say. They all were quite knowledgeable and I felt I learned a little from listening. If you are someone involved in the production of music recording, you might find this a very entertaining and educational podcast.

MSI: Episode 028 – 31 Jul 2011

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