My iPod Doesn’t Show All Podcasts

I recently got a new computer. I had to resubscribe to all  my favorite podcasts. I came across an interesting problem. Even though I had a lot of episodes of podcasts in my iTunes directory, only the most recent would show up on my iPod. Here is the fix

Connect your iPod the your computer. In  iTunes, look for you iPod icon under DEVICES and click on it. You’ll see on top, tabs listed as Summery, Music, Podcasts. iTunes U, Books, Photos and Contacts. Click on the podcast one.

You should see a menu listed as “Automatically include” Change that to “All”, if that is what you want. There are a lot of options. If you are like me, it will be set to “Most recent podcast”

It is nice when a fix is so easy.

June 29, 2011 • Tags: , , , , • Posted in: Podcasting Tips