Natty Bumperpodcast

natty_bumperodcastDid you ever get an idea in your head, you know, something you think might be funny. Imagine you had some sort of recording device next to you and you just spilled that idea into the recorder. The thing is, this recorder could only record for 3 minutes, 14 seconds. The ideas vary from day to day, so sometimes you do weird voices or sing, whatever it takes to express what was in your head. This is what I image when I hear the Natty Bumperpodcast.

Do I like the Natty Bumperpodcast? Yes I do. It is can be funny, quirky, or just insane from show to show. I listened to a dozen of these podcasts (like I said, they were under 4 minutes), and sometimes I laugh, other times I was just confused. That’s OK, since they are so short.

It is a comedy podcast, hosted by named Natty Bumpercar. Is that his real name? I assume not but you never know but that fits in the

The show is very family friendly. I find that refreshing. While some shows seem to be well thought out and well produced, other seems to be as if Natty just recorded himself for a few minutes and that was the show.

I don’t know what else to write about this strange little show but I think some words I got off the Natty Bumpercar website in which he describes himself as “big fan of making all kinds of stuff”.

Listen for yourself. It is only 3 minutes, 14 seconds!

Bumperpodcast 91 – Baby Attack

Visit the Natty Bumperpodcast Website