New Tiki Bar TV & DVD

One on the best video podcast, Tiki Bar TV has their 41st episode – Jump The Shark! If you’ve never watched Tiki Bar, it is a lot of fun and each episode is under ten minutes and contains a tropical drink recipe. It probably would get a PG rating for the occational use of language, but other than that, it is just silly and fun.

You can visit the Tiki Bar TV Website where you can watch all 41 episodes or you can find them in itunes, Trust me, it’s very funny stuff!

Tiki Bar T.V. Website

Also, for the first time they are releasing 20 episodes on DVD. This is odd because they are the last 20 episodes, skipping the first 20 episode. I, personally, plan on ordering mine right away.

The show gets 5 out of 5 star!