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paleocinemaI can across another movie podcast called Paleo-Cinema Podcast and read the description on itunes which read, “A podcast about movies: retro, cult, gross, forgotten and interesting movies”. Immediately I thought, “great, another review of Night of the Living Dead and Pink Flamingos.” Not so fast!

I downloaded the first show and it was called Kidsafe Movies. Interesting. I don’t find too m any podcasts that do a show about movies for kids. And considering he had Bruce Lee and The Magnificent Seven and his list, as well as the Cyrano de Bergerac, I thought it deserved more attention.

Hosted by Australian Terry Frost, the show features sound bites as well as music from the films he reviews. I found the podcast well done and informative, maybe a little slow at times, but that is only a minor complaint. At a little under an hour, each episode is a good length.

Other movies I see reviewed were Phantom of the Paradise, Citizen Kane, Children of the Damned and much more. New shows are posted every third week.

Terry has 2 different site, the first I believe is the site that hosts his podcast and you can visit it by clicking here, or his blog which has much more content, and you can visit that by clicking here.

Paleo-cinema Podcast Number 30 – The Big Three Movies – Host: Terry Frost


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  2. Terry Frost - May 23rd, 2009

    Hi guys

    Thanks for the review, but the only thing I’d change is that I’m Australian, not English. Wrong side of the planet. :-)


  3. underbelly - May 23rd, 2009

    Terry, my apologies. This error has been corrected.