Photoshop – Rock and Roll and CSO

Three podcast’s for today.

First , the Photoshop Guys are back with another video podcast. Scott, Dave, and Matt were taping this episode live from the Photoshop World Expo Hall floor.

Next, for those who like a good ROCK N” ROLL podcast, Garage Punk premiers, The House of Wild Delights #1 with host The Screamin’ Soul Preacher!!! Please step in and join the party for about 50 minutes of savage teenagers singing retarded songs about wonderful girls! Get ready to twist and shout with such great untamed entertainers as the Dinks, the Wailers, Andre Williams or even the Oblivians, baby !

And finally, for those trying to make a little money on the web, there is The Internet Marketing And web 2.0 SEO Tips. This show offers tips on how to increase you web traffic and more. A but slow for my taste, but there is some information you may find informative.